Getting to Know the Speedy & Determined First-Year Elite Siel van der Velden

Siel van der Velden is just 19, but her speed and determination fit someone much older. The Belgium-born racer landed herself on the final two World Cup podiums of the season last fall in Snowshoe, USA, for her final two races as a junior after crashing at the majority of the World Cup races last season, and it’s hard to argue with the speed she found in 2020 when she earned herself podiums at three of the four World Cup races. Now that she’s found an impressive pace, she’s making the jump to the elites and was one to watch last weekend as she tested herself at the top level, though unfortunately a crash leading up to the race took her out of the final round. We can’t wait to see what she can do when she does stay on her bike. We caught up with Siel to learn a bit more about this under-the-radar but undeniably fast up-and-comer.

Read the full interview here.

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