ZIG ZAG 20X4.0


Vee Moto Zig Zag

The urban jungle might have once been the home to cars, and delivery trucks, but now the real king has 2 wheels and it’s not afraid to replace a bus lane blitz for a relaxing park cruise. With traffic overwhelming cities, more commuters are turning to bicycles to get about the crowded streets and it’s these trendsetters who we’ve designed the Vee Tire Co. Vee Moto E-Zig Zag for.

First and foremost, the E-Zig Zag is a comfortable, safe and reliable tire. We could speak for days about our Performance Compound and how it sticks to tarmac streets in the wet and dry or how it can turn and stop on a dime. We could bore you with graphs explaining how the low-profile Zig Zag tread design is not only energy-efficient but quiet and comfortable. And don’t even let us begin about puncture protection! Let’s just say the Zig Zag isn’t going to let you down on your weekly Friday night escape from the office.

What’s important is the E-Zig Zag is a tyre you can ride and not worry about. Zig through city streets, Zag through bustling markets, the E-Zig Zag will keep you rolling.



BV3790120×4.0102-406EN - EnduranceB-PROOF PLUS / E-BIKE 5024WB-8-201,680$50.00
BV3790220×4.0102-406PerformanceWHITE SIDEWALL / B-PROOF ARAMID BELT / E-BIKE 5072WB-8-201,680$70.00

Color Options

COLOR Natural Wall


  • Low-profile tread design is quiet and energy-efficient.
  • Zig Zag tread pattern is at home on gravel paths as it is on the road.
  • 2-ply motorcycle TPI construction.
  • Class-leading puncture protection
  • Classically stylish design that blends old-school cool with modern technology.
  • Large volume air design provides incredible comfort.

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    Additional information

    Weight 1680 g

    20 x 4.0 WHITE WALL, 20 x 4.0 BLACK WALL


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