The Pinnacle of Mountain Bike Racing, Downhill is one of the most gruesome and unforgiving disciplines of cycling out there. It provides Vee Tire Co with a great test bed to develop and push the boundaries of our Tire Technology. Together with our UCI Downhill Teams, we’re committed to create a tire that not only keeps up with the best but surpasses it.

Intense Factory Racing

Propain Positive

IJ Racing

Yuki Kushima –
Team High Country MTB

Synergy 37

Commencal IC Process


Gravity x Endurance. The easiest way to explain Enduro is a grueling multi-stage race that adds all your respective timings and ranks your cumulative time against other racers. Our Enduro World Series riders enable us to not only make impactful and high-performing tires, but make sure it’s consistent and reliable under any conditions.

Sunn French Connexion

Alex Marin –

BMX Racing

A staple in Vee’s tire development, BMX Racing has rewarded us with multiple UCI Rainbow Jerseys, in both the UCI BMX World Championships and Pumptrack World Championships. One of the first cycling disciplines that introduces people to competitive racing, Vee is committed to not only maintaining its status as one of the best BMX tires, but help up-and-coming riders fulfill their potential, taking it further.


Eddy Clerte

Netherlands National BMX Team


High-adrenaline, insane jumps, and discovering new paths are just some of the ways to describe what Free-Ride is. The most stylish and entertaining riders showcase death-defying stunts and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on 2-wheel bikes.

Propain Positive

George Panagopoulos