VEE Tire Co. comes from a long lineage in the rubber industry. Its parent company, Vee Rubber, has been producing OEM automobile, motorcycle, and cycling tires since 1977 and is the leading producer of rubber performance tires in Thailand to date. VEE Tire Co. capitalizes on this resource by utilizing research and development in other tire industries, as well as the ability to quickly produce prototypes and innovative concepts for testing. As a result of our access to these valuable tools, VEE Tire Co. now offers a wide variety of compounds to ensure each tire is customized to its segment-providing unique features for advanced performance.

Our speciality casings provide the latest in protection technology for your tire. While we know that ensuring the longevity of your tires is important, we also know that – one should have to sacrifice speed or performance capabilities for durability. We’ve developed a variety of outer framework for each of our models that maintains a lightweight feel with the highest levels of defense.


We invented the soft rubber compound concept for mountain bikes and it’s now the most copied and imitated design technology in all of the bike tire industry. Our legendary TOP 40 uses a medium durometer 40 low hard center section with ultra-grippy 42 low hard side blocks to creat the perfect combination of speed and handling for downhill and enduro.

World Championship proven, this compound is the fastest we’ve ever created. It’s grippy for sure in corners, professional level grippy and it rolls faster than any other tire any other tire we’ve ever created. This compound is made to go fast in dryer to moist high-speed race conditions and everyday trail riding. Available in knobbed and semi-slick for BMX, downhill, enduro and bike park riding when speed is the only thing that matters.

One of our softest compounds, it maintains industry-leading stickiness for all-mountain and enduro riding. Unlike other soft compounds offered by our competitors, our New Tackee compound offers exceptional rebound characteristics at all speeds for more control on the roughest downhills. This compound features a low hardness of 52/48.

Our Dual Control Compound features two kinds of materials for speed and control. With a low hardness of 56 in the center and a lower 48 on the sides, this allows our tires to maintain very low rolling resistance while maintaining extra grippy cornering.

For this compound we borrowed technology from our car and motorcycle industry to bring you a rubber that maintains superior performance in colder to below freezing conditions. This soft material maintains a low rolling resistance and cornering grip in all temperatures with a low hardness rating of 57.

Our Pure Silica compound features all the benefits of our original silica, but to an amplified level. Utilizing more of our softer silica rubber, Pure Silica has better snow and frost performance, is quieter on the pavement, and allows less debris to stick to the tire. Plus, with more pure silica rubber our Pure Silica tires have a more natural rubber look. This compound maintains a low hardness of 50.

For the fastest BMX racers in the world, we keep pushing our limits to find the ultimate compound. Based from our road bike compound with 66 hardness we took that and applied it to BMX racing. This compound provides the lowest rolling resistance available for hard pack circuits while keeping optimum grip for starts, berms, table top jumps and your finish line sprint.

Our Low Specific Gravity compound is incredibly lightweight. Designed for BMX racing, it allows for superior speed with a hardness of 66 on our 100 point scale.

Energetic compound is designed specifically for city trekking. VEE Tire Co. recognizes that urban terrain calls for added durability. This compound resists punctures and features a hardness of 60, allowing for low rolling resistance on both traditional and E-bikes to conserve both your leg energy and your bike’s battery life.

This Multipurpose compound is a smorgasbord of design technology.  It’s designed with all terrain conditions in mind for long mileage and flat protection. This compound provides durability and lengthens the life of the tire with a low-hardness rating of 56.

Our continuum compound is designed to make our road bike tires as fast as possible. With a low hardness of 66 on our 100-point scale, this compound offers a high level of durability and very low rolling resistance.

Our WAW compound is the softest of all our rubbers, designed specifically for sticking trial stunts. With a low-hardness of 42, this glue-like compound offers excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions over rocks, root, dirt and concrete.

Stick-E is our all-new eMTB specific compound providing excellent high-speed rolling resistance with exceptional cornering grip. Stick-E uses our efficient 60a Energetic rubber for the central tread providing long-life and lowering rolling resistance but with our race-winning Top 40 compound on the side knobs for next-level cornering grip and predictability



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