Limitless performance. The Full 40 Compound is based on the Top 40 Compound but uses only the 42a ultra-tacky rubber compound all throughout making for the maximum grip possible. Legendary grip isn’t the only benefit of this 40a compound though. The Full 40 Compound still retains the low-rebound characteristics, perfect for elite DH and Enduro racing conditions.

Our WAW edition compound provides glue-like sticky grip in wet and dry conditions. Designed specifically for trials riders, the 42a WAW rubber hooks up on roots, ledges rocks and dirt for unmatched traction.


Top 40 is for gravity riders wanting uncompromised grip and control in the most extreme conditions. Borrowing from our automotive division, Top 40 uses a 52a base compound while adding an ultra-tacky 42a rubber compound on top providing a low-rebound, fast rolling performance.

Tackee is one of our original dual rubber compounds. It rolls quickly on the climbs and bites into the ground during descents. A fast-rolling 52a rubber compound makes a perfect central tread for efficient, low rolling resistance, and a 48a side knob keeps you in control as you transfer into the corners.

Our Dual Control Compound is all about speed and control. Our engineers have combined a 48a side tread with a 56a center section for that perfect blend of low-rolling resistance and predictable handling.

E-Ctrl is our all-new eMTB specific compound providing excellent high-speed rolling resistance with exceptional cornering grip. E-CTRL uses our efficient 60a Energetic rubber for the central tread providing long-life and lowering rolling resistance but with our race-winning Top 40 compound on the side knobs for next-level cornering grip and predictability.


Silica Compound has been developed with input from our automotive divisions to create a compound that performs well in lower temperatures. If you find yourself riding in near-freezing temperatures, our soft and malleable 57a Silica Compound is the one to have.

For riders and explorers spending time in even colder climates our 50a Pure Silica Compound takes all the advantages and characteristics of our original Silica up a level. PSC remains malleable even at low temperatures for unbelievable levels of winter traction.


Fast 50 represents that sweet spot between all-out fast-rolling speed and flat-out cornering traction. Fast 50 excels in dry conditions and its versatility means you can find this fast rubber compound in BMX, road, gravel, and MTB tires.

LSG or Low Specific Gravity compound has been designed and developed for high-level BMX racing. This durable 66a compound is incredibly lightweight and lightning-fast on track.

LSG or Low Specific Gravity compound has been designed and developed for high-level BMX racing. This durable 66a compound is incredibly lightweight and lightning-fast on track.

Continuum is all about making the fastest, most efficient road tires on the market. With a low hardness of 66a, Continuum offers excellent long-life and very low rolling resistance.


As the name suggests, our Multi-Purpose Compound is an all-terrain, all-condition rubber that is packed with our cutting-edge technologies. MPC is made from a 56a rubber for prolonged durability, puncture protection and long tire life.


Designed specifically for electric city and trekking bikes, our Energetic compounds is durometer tested at 60a for impressive urban durability and puncture protection. Energetic Compound is fast rolling too for more efficient rides and longer battery life.

Based on our Energetic Compound, we adapted this already efficient rubber to be more suitable in this segment through testing with Vee Moto Tires. Endurance Compound offers a lower rolling resistance, better puncture protection and an increase in urban durability.

Based on our Multiple-Purpose Compound, we adapted this to be more suitable for E-Bike Performance, thus the name. This offers good grip while still maintaining great mileage in urban situations.