Video: Chasing the Dream of Being One of the Fastest Riders in the World with the Commencal Vee Team in ‘Dedicated Life’

Dedicated Life is a web series about a riding family and a race team. From the birth of the team 5 years ago, travelling in a camper van and being a privateer with friends, to now having a professional race team and living the absolute dream!

Through incredible moments and hard times during winter preparation and the upcoming season, follow Matteo Iniguez, Raphaël Iniguez, Jérôme Caroli, Siel Van Der Velden and Tom Cosse in the story of their lives, chasing the ultimate dream of being one of the fastest riders in the world. An original idea from Dorian Jouvenal & Matteo Iniguez.

Riders: Matteo Iniguez, Raphaël Iniguez, Jérôme Caroli, Siel Van Der Velden, Tom Cosse
Directed by: Matteo Iniguez
Film: Dorian Jouvenal

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